Maximum Honestum Opus Humanitas


Dear friends, we accept only notecards inworld as an application.

Name the notecard as:


1. MHO - *your name here* - *name of your store* (for Make Him Over).

2. MHERO - *your name here* - *name of your store* (for Make Her Over).

3. MHOME - *your name here* - *name of your store* (for Make Home Over).

4. GAYSTUFF - *your name here* - *name of your store* (for GayStuff).

5. FITROOM - *your name here* - *name of your store* (for The Fitting Room).

Put the text below into the notecard and fill it up:


1. Date:

2. Your name:
3. Name of your store:

4. Landmark:

5. Your blog or website:

6. Your Flickr account:




- Would you like to use our blog for free to promote your creations? If yes, your e-mail:

- Would you like to exchange the links between your blog or website and our blog?






Attach 5 pictures of your creations here:




Dear friends, we consider new applications each Wednesday. If you would like to become a corporation member of MHOH Foundation you should drop your application to our mail box at our headquarters inworld. If you did not receive an approval message till next Wednesday starting from the previous Wednesday, your application declined if nothing else was claimed.





Him Over

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