Maximum Honestum Opus Humanitas



Dear friends,


I would like to welcome you to our official website! Let me tell you a little bit about us. In 2010 I decided to initiate the foundation of MHOH which united MHO family of entertainments — Make Him Over, Make Her Over, Make Home Over — within Second Life.


In a very short time, MHOH Foundation has become one of the largest virtual consortiums inworld, providing a variety of local and grid-wide projects. As an independent nonprofit organization, we develop essentially new concept of a closed community, which allows us to bring focus to our main goal: network building between people around the world for achievement of the social, cultural, educational, scientific, entertainment and administrative purposes.


The name of our foundation consists of first letters of our official motto, in Latin: Maximum Honestum Opus Humanitas, which means "Philanthropy is the most honorable work". Our philosophy is very simple, we believe in private initiatives for public good. We carry out mediatorial functions between Second Life business society and average residents, opening modern ways of socialization, encouraging and supporting innovations.


Our slogan in English is "MHOH — Making Hidden Opportunities Happen!" — this is what we are working for, to show people opportunites while they spend their time in Second Life. Our corporation members choose us because of our high standards and rich experience. They appreciate an opportunity to be a part of such a unique organization in Second Life, and we consistently develop the best conditions for their activities.


We inspire our corporation and community members to reach new heights together!


Sincerely yours,

Founder and President of MHOH Foundation,

Vic Zuzu.




Him Over

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MAKEHome Over

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